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Welcome To Ebrains Techno Solutions.

We are a passionate learning and industrial institute from Lucknow City. Ehance your technical skills with EBRAINS several training programmes.

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There is always a gap between academic professional education and job requirement needs at any Software Company. To fill in this gap, students of all professional courses are required to undergo industrial projects or training in corporate to learn the corporate culture and difference between bookish education and technical skills.

M.TECH Projects and Thesis Writing

Complete guidense about projects and all types of thesis writing.

P.hd Work

Complete thesis writing for P.hd work.

Paper Writing

Complete learning about paper writing and publishing.

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Howdy, we are EBRAINS, we have brought together the best quality internship programmes, offers, projects for you!

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Why training with EBRAINS

Plagiarism Check and Removal On Turnitin Tool.

The aim is to create professionals to cater to the industry needs.

We follow an exhaustive screening process to select our students and advise them on a suitable technology stream according to their abilities and interests.

The most of our courses (depending on the size) integrate appropriate modules like understanding requirements first.